Max and Ann Burr, Real Estate Clients

“We first became acquainted with Leah Braxton several years ago when we first expressed interest in the Eagle and Phenix Mill. At the time, the mill project was still on the drawing board. Leah stayed close to us and walked us through the project, always keeping us up to date and in the loop. Since those early days we have become close friends and have found Leah to always be honest, forthright, professional and always willing to be of help. Although she in an employee of the W. C. Bradley company, she always makes us feel that she in truly interested in us. Through her we have established a close relationship with many others of the W. C. Bradley Real Estate family – to the point where we feel like one of the family – and that is an honored spot to occupy.”

Bob Brown, Real Estate Client

“Kathleen Mason is the epitome of real estate agents. I have used her twice. In both situations, she more than met my expectations from the initial meeting until after closing. She knows her trade and the geographical area that she works. She is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. I will use her again, and often recommend her to my colleagues and friends. I strongly recommend her to represent your real estate issues.”

Nick Norwood, Real Estate Client

“I’m very happy with my loft unit at Eagle and Phenix. After looking for a loft downtown, I didn’t think I could afford to buy one. Kathleen Mason’s tour of the development convinced me that I really wanted to live at Eagle & Phenix. I was impressed with the attention to detail — the finish-out of the individual units, the upkeep of the building and property, the security measures and employment of a full-time attendant. Now that I’m here, I’m thrilled to have a view of the river, so much light and so much open space.”